“The Shabbat dinner @ the Chabad House are one of the best experiences a Jewish student can have on campus #IloveChallah.” 

Eric Palonsky, SDSU Junior

Shabbat Dinner August 30th

8:00 PM

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Welcome to SDSU! August 23rd (unofficial) 
Shabbat at the Rabbi House
If you are an incoming freshmen or are a student and are back in town contact @rabbichalomsdsu to join in for a beautiful shabbat with other college students! 
August 30th 2019
Welcome To SDSU
Shabbat Dinner at Chabad! 8:00PM

We will be serving a beautiful 5 course meal for all!


Invite your friends and get ready to celebrate together with other SDSU students!!


September 2nd  2019

BBQ Bonefire 

BBQ & more 

1PM . Location SKY Beach San Diego 

Come spend time together with other students at Mission bay for some footbal, food and fun!

September 4th 2019

Freshmen Dinner

Meet other freshmen and get some delicious FREE dinner at Chabad House!


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