Give Love

Chicken Soup For The Soul

Do You Want to Show Some Love?

How about giving one of your friends a hot bowl of chicken soup! Let's give each other and bring a smile today to someone you love. Give anonymously or not and make someone's day! 

The simplest gestures are often the ones that makes the most difference! 

It can be a difference and a lifesaver for the person that you less expect. If you have a friend with whom you would like to share a bit of happiness and positivity, offer them a delicious chicken soup meal and a short positive message. We guarantee that it will give them the comfort and love that they need for the day.  

Happiness never decreases by being shared. Inner peace is essential and self-care is a necessity.


Dedicated in Memory of Noah Hytken ❤️ 

Show Some Love To A Friend By Giving Sending Them Hot Chicken Soup!! 

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